What’s misleading our youth? Which ones more important? Quality or quantity?

We are clearly not able to distinguish from the two, some obviously focus more on quantity, I’m not saying u should not want that I mean that’s totally understandable, every person needs to fulfil his or her needs within an appropriate amount of time, but in my opinion we all should always keep in mind that quantity can’t stand alone, it always needs quality beside it, because if it doesn’t then that just becomes a job, a forced interaction with people and your gadget for more than half of the day, only difference is that you don’t get paid😂, this in return frustrates you, agitates you and dare i say might drive some of you crazy. You talk to a person day and night but you don’t know whats lacking, you keep thinking about it in your head, you keep assuming stuff that aren’t really there in a way it does drive you crazy, you don’t realise it’s all because of two things lacking which is either both parties are not participating or putting the effort or like i said before the lack of the importance of QUALITY.

Our world is a very complicated place to live in now, having so much in your bowl to digest all at the same time and i admit, it gets really hard to balance the two things, either you give too much useless quantity or too less “quality rich quantity”(i bet you can’t say it ten times faster 😂) which in our developing world and exuberant youth is becoming the sad reality.

Now i believe friendships out of school or working place are just based on awkward “hello-hi’s” once in a while or a 5 minute talk on the weather or school if “accidentally” met on an unplanned family trip during the weekend to do groceries…yipee 😑 It is really disappointing and sad to see this so common now, in all of us, me too, and despite it being a reality i have always tried to change it at least for myself, i have always tried giving my time to everyone who needs it, and to also keep in mind its NOT “useless quantity” because i would love to get a response in the same way so i have always made sure that’s how i communicated with others too.

A lot of things lack in a lot of us including myself, i am not perfect, nobody is perfect. Nobody wants to “waste their time” with others, deliberately keeping themselves busy, scrolling through every single thing on their feed yet not being able to reply to a certain person or people is what is discouraging and for me this shows how well a person is inside out, that if they have a bit of humility within themselves to sometimes maybe take into consideration another persons effort and giving a little back just a little is what might make this world a little better, make the people little less self obsessed, little less arrogant, and is what could make this world in general a healthier, calmer and happier place to live in for ourselves and others.

So next time YOU try to ignore SOMEONE think twice, how would you feel if the same happened with you when you needed them the most?🙂


Hey there 

✨I know you’re broken, I know those attempts haven’t been successful yet and you keep counting on the next one to be, 

🌷But I beg you, just don’t stop fighting,

✨I know you think no ones listening, I know you think no ones caring, trust me people do, trust me I do, 

🌷so I beg you, just don’t stop fighting, 

✨I know you have had too much and you can’t take it anymore, but you’re nearly there, you’re nearly at that part of life where you will get nothing but peace, I know you won’t believe me now but I promise you that, 

🌷so I beg you, just don’t stop fighting, 

✨I know you feel the pain, no matter how strong you may seem to others, I know you cry but,

🌷I beg you, just don’t stop fighting, 

✨No matter what keeps you up at night; the beating, the screaming, the nightmares, just don’t forget someone is out there who stays up all night thinking about your well being, I know because I do so please,  

🌷I beg you, just don’t stop fighting, 

✨I know you think you don’t deserve anything, I know you think everything’s your fault, but oh please do believe me boy, you deserve every ounce of happiness and love in this world, and someone out there will give you that, I know because I love you,

No matter what happens you have to move on, just remember people out there have more worst than you and some have a lot better than you, but if you keep looking down or up to them you will never have content in your life it will be meaningless, you can’t keep moaning about them, you need to be able to move forward, 

🌷so I beg you, just don’t stop fighting,

✨There is just a small ride left for you to walk on thorns I promise and then you will reach your destination full of roses blossoming from the ground with the same amount of strength you have within you,

oh don’t worry my boy, you are doing well, so I just beg you to not stop fighting. 🌹


Heyy guysss,

So just a few ago on the 8th of June, I finished my AS level CIEs, it was a loooooong month full of tension and despite of them being over now it doesn’t really feel any different, is that normal? In fact I’m more anxious as it gets closer and closer to the results day which though are out second week of August but still, it’s just getting scarier by the day. 😭😭

What’s more terrifying is the challenge after the results come out, which is obviously the start of the “great” hunt for a university which I’m still completely oblivious about, I have no clue where I will end up but inshaAllah like everyone else I hope to be studying my desired course in a good uni at least. Since I’m the oldest I’m going to be the first one going through this whole process in my family and it’s kinda hard tbh cuz well parents don’t really help cuz they’d just have these top universities in their minds which only accept like genius af students and there is always a “phopi ka baita” or “chachi ki baiti” 😂😂 (a relative) who is aspiring for them and who apparently is a “prodigy” and didn’t “waste” his/her time in school like “we do” 😑Bla bla bla anyways so to y’all out there with older siblings, be grateful trust me like there is a lot of paper work and applications involved which parents put no effort into at least for me that’s where they want me to show my “independence” and do it all on my own 😭 so hopefully that’s where an older sibling for you would’ve been very helpful!

Being an Asian kid, when you’re told or asked about a future career they’d be expecting a response between either a doctor or an engineer, and honestly you’d grow up just hearing the two which kinda does brainwash you to think about them being the only two careers eligible to give you a successful future, and obviously I thought so too once upon a time, I wanted to be a doctor and I used to find them super intriguing and fun but a few months before stepping into GCSEs my perspective completely flipped and I didn’t at all want to be a doctor and I developed a profound connection with animals and humans and nature and how they are all connected to each other and i didn’t at all want anything to do with medicine alone but just be keen with the biology of everything. I’m done with first year of A levels and I’m still fascinated by the subject and I’m excited as hell to be continuing it and to follow it as a course in uni. As of now i wanna just take either molecular biology or zoology alone as a course and specialise into it (InshaAllah). Going through my current situation I would recommend y’all to start searching up for universities immediately as you step into A levels, I mean I feel like if u have a clear mind of where you want to go, you’ll study better in A levels to achieve that goal but if you’re oblivious like I am right now yes u can still study super hard and achieve amazing grades but you’re going to be super stressed out about applications, admissions and acceptances during the last year of A levels and it gets even more hectic. Sure if you got someone with you like I mentioned earlier, an experienced companion or sibling who is most willing to help you out then you have no problem and there will be a huge burden off your shoulders otherwise lone firstborns out there I feel ya 😭😭

On a side note, I wish y’all an easy and successful journey throughout your life and if you do fail in something you do in other words don’t end up with what you wanted your outcome to be then don’t let that get you, NEVER let that get you, just keep the goals in mind and stop believing in failure, trust me it DOESN’T exist. Oh and also don’t forget to SMILE, this way when you’re conquering the world, you will look bomb doing so🔥💃🏽💁🏼😆

till next time,


(p.s i’m definitely going to try avoiding late posts now since i have more leisure time these days😊) 

My fav 

Heyy guyss

So I wanted to update u guys on my breathable nail polish collection from inglot. For those of you that still don’t know; breathable nail polishes with O2M solution are basically water absorbent so only Muslim readers will relate to that 😂

Anywho so first of all Leme introduce you to my bad bois

So you can clearly notice how the colors revolve around a similar theme or vibe and honestly that’s the one I adore and is my favorite where there is a little bit of gloominess and it’s not that shocking or loud yet stands out in a crowd and to be honest whenever I wear it I get nothing but positive reviews and apparently these colors might not seem so but are very conspicuous and I love how they give ur hands more definition and a bolder and confident look like to be very honest i definitely don’t mind flaunting my hands when I got these bad bois on, makes me feel so much more confident about myself and the good reviews just add to that 😊😝😝

They might be a little expensive than normal ones I will agree to that but I don’t mind because saves me a lot of hassle and time being a Muslim where I can have them on 24/7. Inglot also has normal nail polishes that aren’t with the breathable formula, those are cheaper than these ones and actually come in quite a lot more shades than breathable ones so they aren’t many limitations in them like there has been quite a few times where I have wanted a shade that I can only find in the ones that don’t have the O2M breathable formula, that has happened rarely but a huge bummer when it does. So yeah there huge collections in general for nail polishes especially and obviously others products too(check out my first post for a review on their waterproof black eyeliner and the gift I got along😆)  but my eyes are usually just attracted to them personally 😂 so yea anyway their collection is gigantic and u get at least 3 shades of the same color so it’s very flexible and convenient in case you’re a very picky person 😅 and being an Asian with brown skin it’s totally understood on being extra fussy about what specific shades will look bomb on us so yeah another reason why they’re always my first priority when purchasing new nail colors 🔥🔥

FYI for those of you who think the left most is empty lol it’s not it’s just a transparent coat which I use in case I’m in the mood to glam up my mattes  😏😂

{The number for each shade from left most onwards(excluding transparent coat); 504, 537, 671, 649, 692}

(Next post “might” be a little late cuz CIE about to start…wish me luck 🤞🏼👍🏼)

Until next time


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Them phobias

heyy guys, hope ya’ll doing well!!

Now basically I just got over with my mocks which were pretty scary very, very…very scary which gave me an idea…and thus the title 😀

I have got pretty peculiar phobias honestly, like the first one and the one that really brings them goose bumps out is TRYPOPHOBIA, in simple english words, the fear of holes. Yes the fear of holes, unusual right? I dont know or remember if this one got a story behind it or whatever but what i do know is that they freak me out big time. By holes i dont really mean like i see a well and “oooh i am so alarmed” naaah its more like if i see a lot of small holes concentrated in one place like those in a beehive then shit im done, i just find it very uncomfortable and disgusting and ugh its just creepy but again to trigger this i gota think about it and be shit up close and personal with them holes but if i decide to ignore it which is quite impossible at times then im good to go. 😝

Second one genuinely just scares me a lot. MASKLOPHOBIA, which is the fear of mascots.  Whilst all my family and friends would like take selfies with them or hug them and what not im just there or more like not there cuz i have already ran to the other end of the mall… i cannot imagine being in the same room as them like the thought of it right now is running them chills down my spine :/ The reason behind it is still not known lmao but since as long as i can remember i know this fear has been in me so yeah and the only perk of this phobia is to others lol that they get this way of embarrassing me by idk maybe “calling the mascot towards me on a school sports day and making her stand right next to me whilst i hide my head and not look at that freaky blue smiling eagle this once” though i was well aware of who was under the costume i still didnt budge 😐😑 Yeah its pretty depressing lmao and obviously with the fear of mascots you immediately develop COULROPHOBIA which is the fear of clowns (very predictable) Clowns always seem fishy to me and i dont trust them and i dont want to be near them or for them to be coming towards me LOL yeah they nightmarish af and i might be somewhat scared of them (shhh let this 16 year old embrace her fears in peace no judging haha 😂)

Last but not least is CLAUSTROPHOBIA  which is quite common amongst us, the fear of small spaces. Now this sometimes can be very hectic cuz obv when u living in dubai you will know that they’re high rise buildings everywhere meaning elevators so yeah you gota learn to keep control though if its not crowded then becomes a lot easier otherwise.  Other then elevators i cant really stay under the table or chair for long either like for example if i gota pick something up or plug something in thats behind a table or a chair so yea in those situations i have to be really fast or i have to not think about it AT ALL cuz then otherwise the thingie starts where its hard to breathe and u start panicking and etc etc long story short life sucks 😜

So yeah the main aim of this was not only about letting ya’ll know how you can embarrass me lmao but so that u guys could start learning about accepting them fears you’ve got and not hesitating about talking about them cuz trust me i just searched up google and some weird af phobias exist and obviously they exist cuz someone’s had them in this time of life so dont ever ever forget that you are NOT the only one and someone else out there just like you is prolly afraid of bananas or food or ants or dolls or even the fear of fear lmao.

till next time,





heyy guys,

Hope ya’ll doing fine at this time of the year. Spring’s around finally, a season made for plants and i just love it. I’m so ready for the warm weather, being sun kissed, blooming flowers, serenaded by birds and the greeeeeennn!! Just can’t wait for the mocks to finish in the last week of this blissful month and then spring break which im still not clear about why im excited for because then after the spring break it’s my cie for AS level and so that hypothetically means i should be studying for them during the spring break? uhm sure maybe i will do that :p

I do know how i have been MIA again for a long time but i was just really really busy to actually sit and write something. Last month was pretty rough on me honestly uhm i lost a very close friend of mine, my inspiration, my shopping buddy when i travel back to my home country, regularly commenting on how lazy i am, she always knew how to brighten us all up and make us laugh the hell out even on the dullest of days,  she was the strongest and she definitely could rock them shades even at the age of 62…my grandmother. Sadly i couldn’t be there with her when she was going through the pain because i was here in Dubai and i would say honestly that none of us even imagined this would ever happen (well no one ever does) so never actually considered maybe travelling back for a few days when she was hospitalised because this wasn’t her first ever surgery or the first time she had ever complained about a pain so it was just a big punch to the face getting the devastating news. I do regret a lot of things, i do regret not being there, i do wish i could have maybe talked to her for the whole day and more when she called 2 days before her demise.

But then again this is it, this is why life is considered precious because of the fact that you are going to lose it one day, any day and at any time without your consent. You lose someone, your heads starts messing with you, lowers you down, you get depressed, a lot of dangerous life threatening things pop up in your mind because we let it. We forget about what we should do for the deceased instead we just think about ourselves, we become selfish we stop living our lives the way we used to before because we believe how the death of one person has made it meaningLESS…we always forget to remember that praying for that one person praying for him or her to be kept away from the punishments the torture they could face in the life after death instead is meaningFUL and the only thing that can be done that actually carries worth for the demised rather than cutting yourself out from everything. Obviously like they say, that ones that really loved us never leave they will always be there with you through thick or thin through your ups and downs in your heart no matter what, for me i think memories never die and little little things around you keep reviving them constantly so it’s impossible to lose them even through the darkest of times what will stay with you were these few recollections that every object you shared with them will echo throughout YOUR life. Life is God’s possession and he can take it back whenever he wills for it, we just gota be ready and prepared which most of us ignore.

I know this wasn’t my usual kind of post but i just had a lot of things in me that i wanted to let out and share.

Dado (grandmother) i do miss you a lot and i have loved you forever, i know u are in a better place now and im never going to forget remembering you in my prayers 🙂 Thank you for the things you have shared with me and the memories you have made with me. I learnt a lot and i wont hesitate to implement…Thank you Dado.

I would just end this post now , i hope ya’ll excel at whatever you are aiming , get that job you have always wanted, get into the most prestigious uni u have been dying to get into, nail that french lasange, wing that eye liner and most importantly do something that will make a difference because things we create will live on forever not our lives.

till next time…..




Vomiting in public? (my AUDMUN experience)

AUDMUN.pngheyy guys so i decided on sharing with you all, my first time experience with AUDMUN.

So basically this stands for American University of Dubai’s Model United Nations, and by the name itself (Model United Nations) you can understand that it was a pretty formal event with suits and heels and debates and what not. I was a delegate of Sierra Leone for the committee UNICEF, and i think  my committee was the most interesting judging on the reviews i got from my other friends from other committees so that was defo a plus 1 for it being my first time so i didn’t really get bored during committee sessions. From my circle of friends no one else was there with me in my committee so i think it got me more focused, it also helped me think independently and like do stuff for myself by myself so i really really am thankful for AUDMUN to like give me that boost of confidence and self esteem that i really needed and for me to start relying less on friends to make decisions.

It was a 3 day event and took up all our weekend (literally), the whole thursday, friday and saturday and yeah that was a bummer and defo did seem like the longest weekend of my life since sessions would start at 9am and  would end at like 9pm and i would be in bed by 12am or something so yeah it was pretty hectic

I think aside all the tiring hours and time spend on research and making the position paper, AUDMUN not only gave me an insight on what different countries from all around the world are doing to tackle an issue but also how these countries can work together as one to find a solid solution and honestly the parts where we had to form resolutions grouping up with other countries were epic and interacting with new people, making new friends, bus rides back to school were just amazing like waking up early in the morning and sleeping late for 3 days consecutive was defo worth it and i think i will keep the friends and the memories that i made with me… from long uber rides to almost vomiting (long story short just anxiety i guess) to taking selfies with friends to being upset with them cuz they ditched u and went out (-_-) lmao

ANYWHO ima be trying my very best to push my lazy bum and register for these kinda events and i think everyone should cuz i mean we need to take time away from being on our gadgets and have an awareness of whats the gist going on around the world and not only be educated politically or whatever of course thats not the only motive of these kinda events but also to make new friends, get to learn different languages, socialise and most importantly enjoy and have fun.

Dear family…

“Just because you’re blood doesn’t make you family.”

A very unusual line said by one of my favourite characters. I didn’t really get it tbh the first time i heard it cuz u know its impossible to say no to family or to raise a brow at whatever they say…i mean weren’t we all taught that family comes first of course its the inevitable reality. But apparently not so inevitable…due to some recent harsh times i have gone through i as an individual can to an extent agree that just cuz ur blood doesn’t at all make u family. At some point in ur life i think i think we should always prove ourselves, u know like make sacrifices and do something extraordinary that only family would do for each other.

I bet not everyone agrees with the quote i mean its very obvious that people have different opinions which are as a result of how they spend every second of their life and with whom all and how they are treated et cetera …

yes they are people in my life that i trust blindly cuz they prove themselves whenever they get the opportunity to and yes i have people in my life, family members, friends that i will hesitate to go to talk to about something personal and  Yes of course thats because they are reasons definitely and honestly all i wanted to say and would love to for it to happen is that IF YOU WERE BLOOD IT DEFO MAKES YOU FAMILY bcuz i feel like nowadays people are so selfish and care so much about themselves that we at least needed family to be on our sides no matter what…no matter how thick or thin…no matter how high or low at least we should have the relief that “no worries family is there with us and will always be.” but sadly now not even that and we gota tread carefully in front of every individual we see.

sigh life is a big question mark and thats literally the only way i could describe it…its just confusing and u dont know u might intentionally be hurting someones feelings and in the same time with the same phrase making someones day so yeaa lol life sucks and i just hope it doesnt get worst but better with time (inshaAllah)





alright alright first of all…yes again even though i said i wont be MIA for long any more but lol still did apologies for that (you’d know why if u read It came in like a wrecking ball…). ANYWHO i have made a new more committed plan to bring out time on thursdays (possibly alternating) to post stuff here.



Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children

ok so just like a week ago i went out to watch “MISS PERIGRINES HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN”…if i had to rate it out of 10 i would give it a decent 6.5-7. Maybe children had a completely different review about it and considering im a teen so prolly wasnt amused by a lot of stuff. Frankly speaking the starting was pretty long and tedious i mean i was just waiting for something interesting to happen and then finally like in the middle of the movie, it got enthralling and i was pretty focused and by the end it all started adding up and made so much more sense of the movies poster lolz (cuz before watching the movie those twins at the back freaked me out)…and i would say that the overall highlight of watching the movie was getting lost in them freaking light blue eyes ♥♥ Asa Butterfield,  has like the most lovable and luring eyes in the world. Just look at those bad boys

Image result for asa butterfield

alright alright enough fangirling lol…lets cut to the chase, lets try bringing something motivating or something inspirational outa this movie so that i wouldnt feel like i wasted time watching the movie and could’ve  instead studied for my test lol :’D

so this one “peculiar” thing that was said in the movie which spoke to me the most was this…

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children quotes

Indeed life would be pretty dull and unchallenging if we always got things right the first time…cuz then there wouldnt be a second, there wouldnt be another opportunity to learn from ur mistake and redo i mean tbh best part about school is the fact that we make so many mistakes during tests or practicals and then we laugh it out together when the teacher insults the shit outa us and THEN i frankly enjoy repeating them the second time with the worlds best friends to fix the mistake, and honestly its even more fun the second time and even better the third. So these cherished times spend with friends, tittle tattling and all defo is what makes mistakes all worth it and well also the part where it helps u learn how to fix them and not repeating them again. I mean  a little too much acidified sodium hydroxide here and there just to know the reaction wont hurt anyone. Wow so this movie review turned into a philosophy paper really quick lolz.

Ima just end it now by saying that u guys all should go watch the movie if u love looking at those blue gems(his eyes) for 127mins 🙂 and if child fantasy and monsters intrigue you! If u have already watched the movie i would LOVE to know your review  in the comments below and if not then i hope u enjoy watching it.

ttyl peeeeeps,


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It came in like a wrecking ball…

heyy guys!

ugh i know i know…i have been MIA for a very very long time (3 months) it’s because of a number of reasons; i went to my home country where there was like a shitty internet service at my house and i just came back like less than a month ago and plus the minute i got back i had school the week after so i was just busy busy busy with A level stuff. Ugh A level is just not my piece of cake, frankly not anyone’s. It’s like this huge leap from GCSE and it hits you on the face like a wrecking ball!! But…good news is that im trying my very best not to lose hope and not to think of the pressure and how we just have a few months till our boards and how we have to finish almost 70% of the syllabus till then…yeah we should not be thinking about that *gulp* To be honest with the so far two weeks of the A level life experience i think the best y’all should do is just go with the flow forget the word Advanced in “A” levels and just think of that “A” as your grade (InshaAllah-if God Wills)…forget about all the bullshit teachers say with all the “too much pressure” “drop the subject if you cant do it” “this is hard” i swear dont take any of that to consideration, that just messes up your brain…trust me you can definitely do it. If the teacher tells you to drop the subject cuz u aint good enough apparently, ignore her and tell her a big fat humongous NO!! She aint the boss of you or your life or of the decisions YOU have to make! Never forget that!! So once again y’all that just got into A levels or its their second year or ones that are still doing their GCSEs please please dont think of anything as easy if you find something hard ask the teacher to explain it to you even if a hundred times will make you get it cuz in the end what all matters is that you understand it and also dont ever consider the pressure just do everything on time, submit all assignments on time and dont study last minute for tests…trusts me formative marks are very effective and guess what you  will be good to go and now will definitely survive A Levels!!

(P.S now i will try posting more often :p)